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STEM CELL THERAPYIn Nvo. Progreso, Mexico

Clinical experience in degenerative diseases, pain management and anti-aging protocols since 1991.

Stem Cell Therapy Protocol

  • Procedure time of 3 to 4 hours
  • Consultation and treatment the patient by Dr. Gonzalez
  • Stem cell implants or injections with our unique protocol and methodology specifically designed for each patient.
  • Post-op physical evaluation and discharge.
  • Hotel accommodations provided by our center when applicable to foreign patients.
  • Transportation from the hotel to our center and back are included as well.

Our patients says:

“I have traveled the world for stem cell treatment and nothing has worked until now! I have been to Costa Rica 10 years ago, Germany, India twice where I had my own bone marrow, LA 4 times where I had stem cells from fat, Moscow 3 times where I had bone marrow and cord blood, Serbia twice where I had donated bone marrow and lastly Mexico where I was treated by the best surgeon in the world and am seeing great results!”

Most Common Diseases

Based on Dr. Gonzalez’s experience in treating patients since 1991, the placental Stem Cell Therapy is beneficial for the following diseases: